Handmade Samosas & Chutney

In a complete hands-on class, you’ll explore the rich, diverse spices and flavors of India by making potato spiced Samosas and chutney from scratch. Come on out and learn to make these pockets of joy in the most authentic way! Class will begin with an introduction, demo and description of the recipes. Our expert Chef Instructor will lead the class in making the dough and shaping it into samosas. Depending on the region, samosas are found to be triangle, cone, or half-moon shaped. You'll learn the cone shaped technique during class. Chef Raina will teach you the art of spicing to really maximize flavor. You are sure to be introduced to new and different herbs and spices that will really excite your palate. Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes Class level: Beginner We provide all the equipment and ingredients


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